Happy New Year + Gallery Updates

Posted by | January 03, 2012 | New Pictures, Website Updates | 4 Comments

Happy New Year 2012! I’ve know I haven’t post for a while however in case you missed it all latest pictures are frequently added to the gallery. I just don’t have enough time to post about them. I’ve changed the gallery theme for the New Year. Hopefully you’re gonna like it! Don’t worry, I’m not even thinking of giving up on this site!


  • jay says:

    am glad your not thinking of giving up this site,i really love kelly and its good to see good things about her every day.big up with the big job

  • Yoshie says:

    Today, my mom came home from surgery. Upon arriving home, she flashed a paper in my face and said, Want to see pictures of my colon? My eyes are still burning. FML

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  • Alphonso Williams says:

    It’s good to here in your voice that you’re not giving up in 2012 under these circumstances.