Aspects of Web Application Development Apart From the Coding

There is no medium as rapidly developing as the Web. Web is ruled by various applications. The social networking websites, the online instant messengers, online office software, online photo albums, web-mail are all web applications. With ever growing use of internet, these applications are only going to be better by adding more functionality. Development of such applications is all about innovation aided with technology. With growing penetration of internet usage not only the use of such applications but also their creations are not only fort of few developed countries but is carried out all across the globe.

Web application development in India has gained immense popularity due to the easily available technically proficient workforce and the cost advantage that comes along. The process of Web development is not just about writing the codes but also involves understanding of user requirement. Development with a user centric approach will definitely lead to creation of popular and advanced network applications. It is also very crucial to build a very user sensitive front interface which provides an ease of use and comes with appropriate help sections when required. A very advanced web application if complex to use, makes no sense for an everyday internet user.

It also needs to be ensured that the web application works same across all platforms. Majority of web applications work through web browsers, growing number of browsers and platforms has made it necessary for developers to ensure that their web applications work same across all browsers and platforms.

The increasing sensitivity of the information and data transferred across the internet has made it very prone to attacks and spurts with intent of gaining access to the high value sensitive information illegally. Web applications like those providing a user access to his bank accounts deal with very critical data and need to be high on security. A simple breach can result in heavy monetary loss or frauds. Web application development should be done with the security aspect of the application in mind, the security level needs to be defined as with what the application would primarily be used for. A banking application needs a completely different level of security than the online office software.