What Is Programming? Prologue to Computer Languages

In the present class we take our first exercise in Computer Programming. We have at this point familiar ourselves with the essentials of Computers, their parts and their utilization.

Only to gather together, A Computer is a machine that acknowledges a collection of crude information and successive arrangement of directions, controls the crude information based on the guidelines and determines the conclusive outcome as significant data for us.

As is clear, to have the option to get the Computer to play out our errands, we should speak with it by giving directions regarding what we need done. That carries us to our first essential rule – What is a PC program? or then again What is modifying?

A Program: is a lot of guidelines to the PC in a particular request to cause it to play out a particular undertaking or capacity to deliver the ideal yield or result.

Moreover, Computer Programming, alludes to the study of composing programs for the PC to perform errands for us and delivering the ideal outcomes in human clear structure.

Correspondence as we probably am aware is a two way process where two gatherings are included and should see one another. If not, it prompts what we know as a Communication Gap.

We speak with the PC when we issue instructions(program) and information to be handled as info. The PC speaks with us when it gives us the ideal outcome as the yield. Likewise with all types of correspondence, we need a language to have the option to pass on our data and to comprehend what the other party says. That carries us to our next zone of study – Programming Languages, which we will learn in our next class to follow.